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EMMIS MARINE new marine transformers line for the power supply of your scrubbers

 Current environmental regulations, both within EU countries as well as worldwide, call for reduction of ships’ pollutant substances.

Aiming at a drastic decrease of atmospheric pollution, the installation of a scrubber system capable of removing active substances and gases that are harmful to the environment, is a one way highway.

In the framework of providing a complete line of nautical products and services, EMMIS MARINE presents its new line of power transformers MAR/TC as well as its complementary accessories (temperature sensors, insulation and voltage transformers) for the electrical power panels of the scrubber systems.

It is worth mentioning that scrubber installation constitutes as one of the basic solutions for ships’ compliance towards the EU’s and International Marine Organization’s (IMO) regulatory framework regarding the use of fuels that demonstrate low consistency of sulfur levels.

EMMIS MARINE transformers are certified from Lloyd’s Register according to international prototypes IEC60076-11:2004 (power and dry-type transformers), IEC60092-303:1980 (transformers for power and lighting) and 61558-2-4:2009 (isolating transformers), ensuring absolute security and functional credibility, even for the significantly adverse circumstances of the marine environment.

In addition, EMMIS MARINE is the only one manufacturer in Greece, and one of the few worldwide, with product certification in the low power transformers. The certification comes from the internationally recognized certificate organization TÜV SÜD, in accordance with the strictest international patterns EN/IEC 61558-2-4 (isolating transformers), EN/IEC 61558-2-6 (safety isolating transformers), EN/IEC 61558-2-15 (isolating transformers for medical locations) while it is checked and renewed annually under strict, reviewing processes.

EMMIS Marine in HEMEXPO’s expedition in Istanbul

EMMIS MARINE’s presence at the business expedition of HEMEXPO (Hellenic Marine Equipment Manufactures & Exporters) which took place in Turkey on the 12th  and 13th of December, was an undoubted success. While the event was unfolding, the company’s CEO, Mr. Andreas Miserlis, presented the type approved MAR/TC transformers product line, as well as the entire product line of EMMIS Marine products (electrical supply/ power control and quality, with active harmonic filters, temperature and insulation monitoring devises, power transformers and other). A distinctive element that demonstrates EMMIS Marine’s superiority is the vast number of installations which are being implemented into new shipbuldings of major marine companies.

HEMEXPO’s delegates presented their products and services in front of more than 60 representatives of the Turkish shipping and marine industry, while they also met and discussed with the representatives of marine and technical companies with the objective being the enhancement of cooperation between the two countries.

Future plans of HEMEXPO’s members include the further development of cooperation strategy with the major shipyards of the Eastern world, given the fact that the Greek ship-owners are their most basic clients. During the visit, the Greek delegates had the opportunity to visit 4 of the biggest shipyards in Istanbul, in Yalova.   

SMM Hamburg 2018

Successful was the presence of EMMIS MARINE at the largest marine exhibition in Europe, SMM Hamburg 2018, which was held in early September.
EMMIS MARINE, as a business unit of the Greek company EMMIS SA, manufactures and provides integrated high-value-added solutions, electrical supply, control and power quality systems. As part of its participation, the following indicated were presented:

• Type approved by the British classification body Lloyd’s Register transformers of the MAR / TC series.
• Certified transformers according to EN / IEC 61558-2-4 and EN / IEC 61558-2-6 by the German TÜV SÜD.
• Active harmonic filters, certified by the Norwegian classification body DNV-GL.

Both certifications and EMMIS MARINE dedication to provide premium end-to-end electrical supply, control and power quality systems and solutions especially for the marine industry. Our systems apply to lighting, garage (car deck), galley & accommodation and switchboards of any type of ship.

EMMIS MARINE participated in the exhibition as a member of the Hellenic Marine Equipment Manufacturers and Exporters (HEMEXPO). “SMM Hamburg” takes place every two years and is the crown of marine exhibitions, ensuring the participation of all the world’s marine forces, attracting more than 50,000 visitors.

7 selection criteria of voltage stabilizer

One of the most important problems that we encounter in a power supply network is the frequent fluctuation of supply voltage.

the frequent and sudden changes in voltage can cause various problems, such as increase of maintenance costs, power consumption, destruction of sensitive electronics – and not only them – and generally problems of the equipment of an installation.

The use of the proper stabilizer is a solution of the above problems that are caused by the increase/reduction of voltage. Voltage stabilizers provide at their output, stable supply voltage, securing the uninterrupted and correct operation of the installed equipment.

Which are the selection criteria of the proper stabilizer?

EMMIS concluded its seminars in Kyklades

EMMIS concluded a mini series of technical seminars with total success in Kyklades – and in particular at the islands of Paros and Naxos – which were made in cooperaition with local stores “Ηλεκτροφωτισμός” from SMK group, at 13th and 14th of March.

During the seminars – which had as participants local electicians- the following subjects were presented:

EMMIS MARINE marine transformers at a shipyard in Portugal

Certified marine  transformers by EMMIS MARINE were selected and installed in the framework of three (3) shipbuilding of new ships by a Portuguese shipyard through company NAVE DE LUZ.
The project consisted in the construction and export of totally 19 certified marine transformers, from the MAR / TC series, with a total power of 2.63 MVA.

EMMIS in HEMEXPO cluster

In the context of the loyal implementation of the new strategic plan for marine industry, EMMIS announces its incorporation as a full member of the HEMEXPO Hellenic Shipbuilding Manufacturers cluster, through its new business unit EMMIS MARINE.

HEMEXPO consists of the largest shipping companies in Greece and aims to strengthen the relationships between its members with ship-owners and shipyards all over the world.

New Certified Marine Transformers


A new type-approved marine transformer has been designed and manufactured by EMMIS MARINE exclusively for maritime industry.

It is a three phase low-voltage transformer, dry type under the trade name MAR / TC, with power of 5 – 630kVA and IP 23 protection degree.

For the development of the MAR / TC type-approved marine transformer, special emphasis has been placed on the research and design segment so that it not only meets the requirements of certification but also incorporates strong differentiation elements with respect to its respective products not only in Greece but also abroad.

Harmonic Measurements: 6 errors that cost

Proper and complete management of the harmonic problem requires the execution of correct and adequate measurements.

In reality, however, very serious mistakes and omissions are observed, which lead to the collection of incorrect or incomplete data and hence to the incomplete handling of the problem of harmonics.

In the worst case scenario, selective measurements are deliberately made to produce targeted results (for ex. high savings rates, major power factor correction needs, etc.) with misleading calculations to create a misleading picture of the real needs of the electrical installation and the required equipment.

EMMIS MARINE: EMMIS New Business Unit for the Shipping industry

EMMIS MARINE manufactures and supplies exclusively for shipping, integrated power supply, control and power optimization systems.

It operates as an independent business unit of EMMIS SA utilizing and further developing the valuable know-how and experience accumulated over the last years in the manufacture of certified products and technical support in terms of installation, safe operation and maintenance.


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